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About Us

Chictator Boutique - Refine your style

Who is Chictator?

Our story begins with two regular office workers who work in the finance industry yet are passionate fashion lovers and strive to become fashion e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Like all great things, Chictator started as a small idea conceived by two girls who share similar taste of fashion, believing every girl can become their own ‘dictator of chic and fashion’. Based in Sydney, Chictator was born confident, empowered and fashion savvy, and she can make even the simplest piece look refined and unique.


Our Philosophy

We love the full range of the spectrum. A lot of our inspiration has been drawn from current trends and adapted into affordable, wearable pieces for modern millennial women. Known for statements on trend styles that accentuate the female figure in all the right places, Chictator also endeavors to present original designs that speak your individual characteristics even through a tiny piece of jewelry.

We hope every Chictator girl gets to be the ‘dictator of chic’ through the path to recognizing ‘real-self’ eventually. And we are always here to help along the way.